Safdarjung Hospital Declares Alive Baby Dead

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On Sunday, a baby born at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi was declared dead after which the baby was found alive. But unfortunately, the excitement of the family didn’t last long as the baby died on Monday.

The family has strongly blamed hospital’s negligence and said the baby would have been alive if the hospital wasn’t in a hurry to declare the baby dead.

The family added the newborn baby was wrapped in layers of newspapers and plastic that was obviously choking him.

The hospital is denying the claims made by the family and insists it was an aborted fetus.

The baby’s paternal aunt, Uttara questioned the hospital and said, “How do you explain the baby breathing and moving later?”

Shanti and Rohit went to the hospital for the delivery of their baby. Shanti delivered the baby on Sunday morning and a few moments after the delivery they were told the baby didn’t survive.

Uttara added, “The body was wrapped in layers with the mouth taped, leaving hardly any space for air to enter. We brought the baby home presuming it was dead. It was when we were taking the body for burial that my mother expressed the wish to see the baby one last time. When we opened the bag, the boy was breathing. It was a miracle.”

The baby even began crying when the family clicked a picture of the baby. The flash of the camera made the baby cry and gave hope to the family.

The baby was taken back to Safdarjung Hospital where he was kept in a warmer but died around 4:10 P.M., on Monday.

A case will be registered after a clearance from the Medical Council of India (MCI.)

The DCP said, “We will take a supplementary statement from the parents and send it to the MCI. Their internal inquiry will establish if there was medical negligence or not. If yes, we will register a case.”