Why KCR is so confident on winning the election?

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Hyderabad: Facing with 10 years of anti-incumbency factor and a strong noise of opposition wave, most of the BRS leaders, including the working president KTR, are jittery and not so confident of winning the ensuing election. The statement made by KTR that they are also humans might have committed some mistakes and they will move ahead by rectifying their mistakes reflect the fact that the BRS leaders are not confident enough of winning the election.

Despite the fear factor among own party leaders and cadres, chief minister KCR is the only person who is so confident of winning the election with flying colours probably with a greater number of seats than in 2018. Right from declaring the candidates well in advance and distributing B-forms soon after the schedule was announced, KCR was never in two minds about winning the election.

KCR is known for his unpredictable political moves, and he is one of the rare politicians in the country who can not only read the opposition moves but can also lay traps on opposition with sniper like precision. He mastered the craft of trapping the opposition right from the days of Telangana movement. He made all the political parties to support the cause of Telangana first and went all out offensive by taking them to a point of no return and made the separate state of Telangana a reality. 

KCR never hesitated to tell people about what he did to achieve the goal of separate of Telangana. In the process, he connected to the people of Telangana emotionally and sold his idea of development of the state so effectively in the first election in 2014. Till then it was the movement that drove the electorate but in 2018, the real politician in KCR came out. Facing two major national parties and the TDP which had a strong organisational set-up in Telangana, KCR steered TRS to victory in 2018 with his oratory skills by presenting the development and welfare schemes his government introduced in Telangana.

However, things are different now after 10 years in power. The opposition is making renewed attack on KCR. There has been talk of Congress wave which is echoing in all forms of media and also among vocal sections of the society. Despite all the noise, KCR is so confident of winning the election again and make it a hattrick.

According to political observers, especially those who have been watching KCR since long are of the opinion that the statement made by the then BJP chief Bandi Sanjay some time back that KCR has funded some of the Congress leaders and they will eventually support him after the election even if Congress achieves majority. There has been a talk among political circles since 2015 that KCR has strategically placed his men in both Congress and BJP while making sure that there is no presence of TDP anymore. 

This strategy of placing his confidantes in opposition parties is being implemented from long and KCR will take all his political opponents by surprise in the event of BRS not reaching to magic numbers. There have been so many rumours about clearing a key file involving more than 100 acres of land belonging to a senior functionary of Congress party just before announcement of model code of conduct. Not only the big-ticket file but some other files in which the interests of Congress leaders were involved have been cleared by the state government at a lighting fast speed. 

By observing the confidence of KCR about winning the elections despite there being a strong anti-incumbency factor and a huge word of mouth propaganda on Congress wave, the political observers concluding that KCR is playing his game at a different level, and no one is aware about the same till he reveals his moves. The statement made by Bandi Sanjay some time back is now gained significance as the people who know about KCR are firmly believing that he has placed his so called ‘coverts’ in Congress party, who will eventually support him in the event of BRS falling short of numbers.

A senior functionary close to KCR said that this time actual game of KCR may get revealed only after the election. There will be some unexpected surprises post elections. They will get revealed based on the requirement but one thing for sure, KCR will win the election again.


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