Was Osama bin Laden really buried at sea?

Osama bin Laden is back again. Don’t worry when we say back, we mean not actually but he is now back in the news again. The burial of the iconic terror leader is now creating a new controversy on the global scale.

Going into the details, some reports are being deployed i the international media channels stating that US misguided the world about the burial of Laden.

Osama bin Laden
A still from ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, depiction Osama’s hunt

According to a veteran American investigative journalist,  al-Qaeda chief’s body may have been torn to pieces by rifle fire with some parts tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh contradicted with the US government’s claim that Osama was provided an appropriate Islamic burial. He also stated that no burial took place aboard Carl Vinson.

Osama bin Laden
White House staff watching Osama bin Laden’s counter live

“With Obama’s announcement of his killing by the Seals everyone now expected a body to be produced. Instead, reporters were told that bin Laden’s body had been flown by the Seals to an American military airfield in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and then straight to the USS Carl Vinson, a super-carrier on routine patrol in the North Arabian Sea,” Hersh said in his article in the London Review of Books.

At the time of Laden’s death, the US government said that Osama had then been buried at sea, just hours after his death. But, Special operations sources have claimed that the terror leader was shot more than one hundred times in the fatal 2011 raid. However, the US government has rejected as “inaccurate” and “baseless” Hersh’s claims.

Source: Various Agencies