WhatsApp Free Calling Is Actually Very Expensive



If there was one application that everyone were eager to use, it was WhatsApp Calling. WhatsApp launched this feature for Android amid huge anticipation and is yet to launch it for Windows and iOS systems. WhatsApp offers free voice calling to all the WhatsApp contacts over the internet. But the term free is not that free as we assumed.

A test carried on WhatsApp calling reveals some shocking facts on its data usage. On an average, WhatsApp uses 1.3 MB of data per minute, which means on an average, it would consume 500MB data in just 6 hours. This clearly indicates that WhatsApp Free Calling is more costly than the traditional calls.

If we have to consider a general breakup in the data consumption, consider you’ve 1GB of data in your mobile which will only be used for WhatsApp calling. In that case, you’ll have around 1300 minutes a month which means around 43 minutes a day which is not plenty enough.

So if you were among those who jumped in the air with joy to use WhatsApp calling, you might just have a little hiccup now.