Man calls radio station to talk, instead he confesses all his crimes

Man calls radio station
Man calls radio station to talk, instead he confesses all his crimes

We hear people from all around the world complaining how police are running the system. More often than not, most of the complaints are due to personal experiences.  Here is one such person . A radio caller contacted a show to complain about the police but ended up confessing to a 30-year criminal history.

Going into the details, a shoplifter, identified only Mark from Liverpool, had contacted LBC to join a debate about the police on Nick Ferrari’s morning show. But he ended up confessing to a lifetime of crime and admitting that he was “in a mess” and needed help.

He began : “I’m not a fan of the police to be honest. I’m glad for the likes of my mum, I’m glad when my mum goes out there are bobbies on the beat. But me myself, I’m not a fan. I’ve been in and out of the system for nearly 30 years now. In and out of prison etc etc. One thing I can tell you about the police I’ve noticed recently more than ever before is how demoralized and how knackered they are, and how open they are to complain about how things are happening.”

Later the radio show host asked if he had “stopped nicking things”, the caller replied: “No, I haven’t, you know mate. I’m just struggling. I’m unskilled, I’m in and out the sysem. No one give me a squeeze, I’ve got no family, except my mum who’s ill, I’ve got no one giving me help. The last bit of employment I got, I got sacked because I never told them about my record, which I understand. I’m no good, I accept.”

He also added: “I’ve never robbed a house. I’ve never mugged anyone. I’m just terrible for shop lifting. I’ve done nearly three years in prison for shop lifting.”

In the later part of the conversation Mark looked as if he is in need of help : “”I know I need polishing. The thing about it is, I’m just in a mess Nick… to tell you the truth.”

After hearing the entire story, the radio show host ended the call by urging him not to steal anything for a week and promising to call him back next week.