Food Safety Officials Raid Marina Beach

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On Friday, the food stalls at Marina Beach Chennai were raided by the Food Safety and Revenue Officials. Based on certain complaints the officials checked the establishments for having stale food which contains decayed fruits, expired ice cream, soft drinks, biscuits, and rotten fish.

There were about 300 stalls which were checked for prohibited practices like selling of expired food, adulterated food, unauthorized addition of food colors and for the personal hygiene of the food handlers. Ten teams of authorized officials went on the raid.

Seven kilograms of expired ice creams and biscuits, 40 liters of expired soft drinks, 31 liters of reused oil, 24 kgs of rotten fish and 100kgs of decayed fruits were seized by the officials. One of the designated officers said, “We realized that many of them weren’t aware of food safety practices. We advised them and let them off with a warning.” From this, it is evident that no vendors were penalized for their mistakes.