Awesome Facts About Dreams!

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Let me start by asking what did you dream yesterday! Do you remember? A lot of people forget what they have dreamt. Sometimes I see an exciting dream and wake up to realize that it was just a dream! The craziest of things I have done is sleeping again to continue what I was dreaming of, but that never worked. Today, I am going to give you some mind-blowing facts about dreams that you must know!

All of us see dreams!

You might say you don’t dream, but the fact is you just forget your dreams. So everyone dreams except for the ones in extreme psychological disorder.

You know the people you see in dreams!

This might sound creepy but the people you see in your dreams are the ones you have come across once in your lifetime. It is not necessary that you know them but you remember their faces and that’s how you picture them in your dream!

Blind people dream too!

People who lose their vision after birth see images. The ones who are born blind don’t see images but have dreams involving senses like sound, smell, touch and emotion.

Dreams create inventions.

Yes! Dreams have inspired many– and one of which is the idea for google! Google’s inventor Larry Page had a dream of starting Google and here you are reading my article.

Your brain is more active while you are asleep!

This might come as a shock but the truth is that a human brain is more active while asleep. Isn’t that crazy?

Your pet dreams too!

Have you ever seen your pet sleep? Have you noticed their paws move or hear them making noises like they are chasing a ball? That’s them dreaming!

Men dream differently!

It is interesting that 70% of a man’s dream contain male characters while a woman’s dream contains an equal amount of men and women. Well, it is, of course, the other way round when men are NOT dreaming!

Do you dream in black and white?

If you do, then you are among 12 % people who don’t dream in color.

I hope you found the facts interesting. Let’s see what you dream tonight!