Modi’s Strong Reply To Gandhi’s Criticism

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the 7th of February, gave a strong reply to the criticism of Rahul Gandhi, the Indian National Congress (INC) leader.

Rahul Gandhi, on the 7th of February, addressed a national convention and criticised Mr. Modi over the Rafale deal. He said, “Narendra Modi is a ‘darpok’ (coward) person. He will run away from debate on national security.”

PM Modi spoke from the floor of the Lok Sabha in his Motion of Thanks for the President’s Speech. During his speech, Modi took a dig at the Indian National Congress and Rahul Gandhi for their criticism.

Modi said, “The voters understand how a “maha milavat” (grand adulteration) government can be harmful for the Country… When the government has majority, the performance is undoubtedly different.” Then, taking a jibe at the 23 party Opposition rally in Kolkata, he further said, “The voters do not want a “Maha Milavat” government of those who assembled in Kolkata.”

Prime Minister also gave new meaning to the acronyms BC and AD, relating them to the INC. He said, “When we speak about history, we use BC and AD. We heard speeches which kept mentioning the periods from 1947 to 2014.” He further added, “BC and AD have their meanings. BC means ‘Before Congress’ which means there was nothing before the Congress came to power and AD ‘After Dynasty’ which means whatever happened was after the dynasty.”

Mr. Modi also explained about the Rafale deal and said, Rahul Gandhi is not considerate towards the armed forces in India. Modi said, “I wondered why they speak lies on Rafale with such confidence. Then I realised because they know in all their years in power there hasn’t been a single honest defence deal. Some mama, some chacha kept coming in.” He further said, “The Army has seen the days when the officers did not even have bulletproof jackets to conduct surgical strikes… I am not talking about weaponry here. These are basic facilities.”

The Indian National Congress (INC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are the major parties contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, scheduled between April and May 2019.

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