Rajasthan Elections – C.P. Joshi Given A Notice By EC

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C.P. Joshi, a Congress member, was given a notice by the Election Commission (EC) for his remarks about Hinduism and Brahmins, today.

The EC asked Mr. Joshi to respond to the notice by 11:00 P.M., on Sunday.

Mr. Joshi, a member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, passed controversial comments about Hinduism and Brahmins. He targeted the comments toward Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uma Bharti, a Union Minister, at an election rally in Rajasthan.

While addressing the rally at Sema, a village in Nathdwara, Mr. Joshi said, “Uma Bharti is a Lodhi, and she talks about Hinduism, Modi ji talks about Hinduism. It’s only Brahmins who don’t talk about it. In 50 years they have lost their mind. The country is being misled… Religion and governance are two different things. Everyone has the right to practice their religion.” In addition, he said, “They say a Congress leader can’t be a Hindu. Who gave them the authority to issue certificates? Have they opened a university? If anyone knows about religion in this country then its Pandits, Brahmins.”

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief, asked C.P. Joshi to apologise for his controversial statements. C.P. Joshi immediately apologised on Twitter for his comments.

In order to avoid any further controversy ahead of the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and apologised for C.P. Joshi’s remarks.

Sambit Patra, the BJP spokesperson, did not accept the apologies and challenged Rahul Gandhi to dismiss C.P. Joshi.

C.P. Joshi is contesting the Rajasthan Assembly elections (Nathdwara constituency,) scheduled on the 7th of December. The results will be announced on the 11th of December.