Top 10 Deadliest Plants In The World

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10 Deadliest Plants In The World : We have grown up with plants around us but not all plants are as harmless as they look. Here is a list of the deadliest plants that will shock you.

1. Dolls Eyes:

Dolls Eye plant is also known as white baneberry, is an exquisite looking plant. Its fruit looks like eye balls and if ingested can be highly lethal. The eye ball looking berry is full of cardiogenic toxins that react immediately on the body with a sedative effect on the cardiac muscle tissue.
Once the berries are ingested, the mouth and throat begin to burn, stomach cramps, dizziness, hallucination, headaches and salivating. The berries will eventually cause cardiac arrest and death.

2. Hemlock:

Hemlock is one of the most dangerous plants in history. Famously known as the plant that killed Socrates. Hemlock is also known as Beaver Poison, Poison Parsley and Devil’s porridge. All parts of the plant contain a simple alkaloid called coniine. Coniine causes severe stomach pain, vomiting and progressive paralysis.

3. Wolfsbane:

Wolfsbane is also known as Monkshood has been dated back to ancient warriors that used the plant to poison the enemies water. A gardener died in the year 2015 from multiple organ failures after brushing past the deadly flower.

4 Rosary Pea:

These piously named seeds are also known as Jequirity beans. The plant contains an extremely dangerous ribosome inhibiting protein called abrin. The seeds that look like shiny beads are not poisonous if intact. They are used in jewelry and prayer rosaries. But if the seeds are scratched or chewed they can be lethal.
It takes only 3 micrograms of abrin to kill an adult which is not even half of the quantity in the seed. It can cause organ failure within four days.

5. Deadly Nightshade:

The name of the plant suggests its dangerous and it’s true and both the berries and the foliage of the plant are highly toxic. Many are unaware that this plant comes from the family of potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and chili peppers. Although these are edible their foliage and vines can be dangerous to humans and animals if consumed.

6 Castor Bean:

Castor bean contains ricin which is one of the most dangerous poisons in the world. One castor bean is more than enough to kill an adult within minutes.

7 Oleander:

The Oleander plant is described by Pliny and Elder in Ancient Rome as a beautiful plant for its striking flowers. The plant is completely poisonous and contains lethal cardiac glycosides called oleandrin and neriine.

Once consumed the plant can cause vomiting, erratic pulse, coma, seizure and even death. Contact with the plant can cause skin irritation for some. The toxins in the plant are so strong that people fall ill just by eating honey from bees that have grazed on these flowers. The only advantage is that the plant is bitter tasting that has avoided and fatalities.

8 White Snakeroot:

The White Snakeroot is highly poisonous due to the presence of tremetol toxin. The poison can kill if consumed directly or indirectly. When Snakeroot is eaten by cattle, the animals meat and milk gets contaminated with the toxin. Eating any of these substances can cause a disease called milk sickness. It is believed that Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln’s mother died of milk sickness.

9 Angels Trumpet:

The Angels Trumpet is a woody stemmed bush with hanging bell like flowers. The flowers are beautiful and are prized as decorative pieces. All parts of the plant have dangerous levels of poison and can cause death.

The plant causes hallucination, in one case, an 18 year old boy in Germany consumed tea with Angels Trumpet and amputated his tongue and his genitals.

10 Manchineel:

According to the Guinness World Record, the World’s most dangerous tree is the Manchineel. It is predominant in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The bark of the tree is covered in sap and if a human or animal touches it by mistake it can cause blindness and blisters on the skin. You can also go blind by just inhaling the smoke of the tree’s burning wood.

The Manchineel is a fruit tree that bears what is called ‘death apple.’ The fruit is sweet but just one bite can cause boils in the mouth and throat and swallowing can kill you. At present, the Manchineel is an endangered species of trees in Florida.

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