10 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Jagannath Temple

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10 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Jagannath Temple : The Puri Jagannath Temple holds many secrets and holds amazing facts. The temple is a Vaishnava shrine and is dedicated to Lord Jagannath and is located on the east coast of India in Puri, Odisha. Some of the Amazing facts about the temple include:


1. The Saffron flag on the temple dome is one of the biggest mysteries– it always waves in the opposite direction of the wind. It has not yet been cleared as to why this anomaly occurs.

2. A ritual older than many civilizations is followed at this temple. From 1800 years, a priest of the temple climbs on the dome, which is a 45 story building tall and changes the flag every day. If this ritual of changing the flag is broken for even a single day, the temple will be shut for the next 18 years.

3. The colossal Sudarshan Chakra installed on the top of the temple is 20 feet in height and weighs almost one ton. The Chakra is yet an amazing view as it is visible from every corner of the Puri city and it also makes the viewer feel that it is facing them irrespective of the point of view.

4. Also, it has to be noted that the temple was constructed 2000 years ago and it amazes as to what machinery was used to place this on the 45 storey tall building.

4. Another anomaly at this temple is that in mornings at any place on Earth near the seashore, the breeze flows from the sea to land in the morning and in the night from land to sea. But in Puri, it has been noted from ages that in the morning winds blows from land to sea and in the night from sea to land.

5. Another amazing observation about this temple is that nothing flies above the temple. This includes natural beings like birds to manual machines like planes. And also there has been no specific scientific explanation for this yet.

6. It also has been observed that at any given point of time in the day, the temple does not cast any shadow making it an engineering marvel.

7. Another interesting fact about this temple is that the same amount of prasad is prepared. But the number of visitors ranges from 2000 to 2,00,000. These numbers do not deter the amount of prasad served and is sufficient for all the visitors.

8. When the Prasad is being prepared, seven pots are placed atop each other and cooked on firewood. But interestingly, the top most pot gets done first instead of the last one which again has no explanation.

9. The temple is located near the sea, the Bay of Bengal. While entering and exiting the temple through the Simhadwaran or the main door it can be observed that one can clearly hear the sound of the sea. But once inside the temple this sound cannot be heard.

10. The most interesting fact about this temple is that the idols are changed every year. All the old idols are then buried atop each other and these disintegrate on their own.


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