These Pictures of Justin Trudeau Will Send the Temperatures Up

Usually politicians are synonymous with digressing pot-bellied, men just the sight of whom can make you snore, well the Indian ones anyway. But then along came Justin Trudeau and shattered any impressions that we had about politics. And made real, good ones instead! And girls, they do make them good.

Don’t believe us? Then just take a look at these pictures of the young Trudeau and get ready to drool!

1. That is the face of a Greek god!

Justin Trudeau 1

2. Is it just us or did it get hotter in here?!

Justin Trudeau 2

3. And if you thought he was just the jock type, oh no! Look at that smoldering intellectual!

Justin Trudeau 3

4. This is just getting too hot to handle!

Justin Trudeau 4

5. That wavy hair and carved features will make anyone go weak in the knees!

Justin Trudeau 5

6. Speaking about knees, take a look at this one!

Justin Trudeau 6

As a bonus, just take a look at the world leader from the other side of the border when he was young!justin vs trump

All in all, we know that the Canadian Prime Minister has pretty much the authority on being the ‘Perfect Gentleman’ not just in Canada but the world over! Going by his fan following it certainly does seem so!

Justin Trudeau FTW!