World’s Top 5 Most Deadliest Fish

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World’s Top 5 Most Deadliest Fish: Fish are deemed the most harmless creatures in the aquatic world. People consider it a delicacy and products made from fish sold around the world are quite famous. But there are also some species of fish that can be dangerous. This is bound to happen when there are 30,000 recognized species in oceans and water bodies.
Some are famous for attacking humans and deliver poison when being prepared for consumption. While some of the most terrifying looking fish are harmless as a button, these listed cute looking fish can be deadly to humans.
1. Electric Eel:
The electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) is an elongated South American fish. It produces a powerful electric shock and stuns its prey. This species can grow up to 2.75 meters, almost 9 feet and weighs 22 kg. This capability to stun developed to protect its sensitive mouth from spiny fish. It can generate 300-650 volts of current which jolt a human. It can also be used to navigate and communicate with other electric eels.

2. Atlantic Manta:
Manta Ray, also known as devil ray are one of the many rays in the ocean. Flattened and wider and shorter than their width they have fleshy wings. The tail, shaped like a whip is used more as a stinging spine.

The Australian species grows up to 2 feet but the devil ray sometimes grows up to 7 feet wide. The Atlantic Manta is more famous than its other relatives, brown and black in color is mostly inoffensive. It is sometimes said to envelop the divers and sting them, leading to death.
3. Piranha:
Piranha, also called Piraya or Caribe, is one of the spike toothed carnivorous fish. Mostly found in South American lakes and rivers has been contrarily depicted as the ravenous indiscriminate killer. But it is a scavenger or feeds on plant material mostly. They look like common fish but have triangle shaped teeth that make their bite dangerous and scissor like.
The piranhas have excellent hearing and when in groups rushes away to make way for others. They are deemed dangerous for humans and attack when people get very close to them. They tend to bite humans, which can be dangerous sometimes.

4. Moray Eels:
There are 80 species of this fish and are seen in all tropical and subtropical area. They live in shallow waters and hide in crevices under rocks. Their skin is smooth and scaleless but their wide open mouth has strong sharp teeth which enable them to hold their prey. This inflicts serious wounds on enemies and this includes humans. They, in general, do not attack humans but can be quite vicious when disturbed. They grow up to 5 feet long and sometimes 11.5 feet long.

5. Puffer Fish:
Puffer fish also called swell fish or blow fish is one of the 90 species of fishes of Tetraodontidae family. They look like a globe and are considered a delicacy in Japan. But when cooked by untrained chefs, the toxic substances present deep into the internal organs can cause the death of the person. The three foot fish have to be cleaned properly to make it free of tetrodotoxin, which can lead to the death of the person who consumes it.


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