Hyderabad: Petrol Prices Reach All Time High

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Hyderabad: Petrol Prices Reach All Time High

Petrol prices in Hyderabad have risen to an all time high at Rs. 79.04 a liter. While petrol prices are a rupee short of being Rs. 80, diesel prices are at Rs. 71.63.

Now Hyderabad is among the five cities in India where petrol is the most expensive. The other cities are Mumbai, Jalandhar, Patna and Bhopal. The price in New Delhi is at Rs. 74.63, Bengaluru at Rs. 75.82, Lucknow at Rs. 75.83, Chennai at Rs. 77.43 and Mumbai at Rs. 82.48.  

In just six months petrol prices have risen by Rs. 6.38 while diesel increased by Rs. 9.54.  

President of Telangana Petroleum Dealers Association Rajiv Amaram said, “Going by the fuel hike over the last one month, price of petrol is likely to touch Rs. 80 per liter soon. Already, the diesel price has recorded an all time high in the city. Earlier, the difference between petrol and diesel used to be above Rs. 15 and now, both the prices are coming close to each other.”

This continuous rise in petrol and diesel prices will cause inflation in prices of essential commodities.