KTR Meets U.S. Congresswomen Terri Sewell And Dina Titus

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KTR Meets U.S. Congresswomen Terri Sewell And Dina Titus

IT and Industries Minister K. T. Rama Rao met with U.S., Congresswomen Terri A. Sewell and Dina Titus in Hyderabad on Monday. The politicians discussed the political atmosphere circling India and Telangana’s progress.

During the meeting at KTR’s camp office, the Minister spoke about aerospace, defense, life sciences and IT. KTR also highlighted the operations of major U.S., companies in Telangana. He said, “Hyderabad has business and cultural ties with the U.S., for several decades now. We are taking it forward by strengthening these bonds through various means.”

The Minister explained Telangana’s impact on the rest of the states in India. He was quoted saying, “Other States are emulating novel initiatives taken up in Telangana. As a young State, we are also learning from other States and countries for emulating ideal practices.”

KTR also told the Congresswomen he plans to visit the United States to promote business relations with Telangana. The U.S., Congresswomen then went on a City tour and visited T-Hub and Aerospace City.