Man Arrested After Eletrocuting Wife For Giving Birth To A Girl Child

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Man Arrested After Electrocuting Wife For Giving Birth To Girl Child

In a terrifying incident a software engineer who electrocuted his wife was arrested by the police on Saturday. The accused identified as S. Rajaratnam, wanted to get rid of his wife for giving birth to a girl child. He was also angry at her for not giving more dowry as he demanded.   

The incident occurred at Kannuru Village at Penamaluru Mandal in Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. On Friday night, Rajaratnam attempted to electrocute his wife with a wire but the victim survived after raising an alarm.

The wife Prashanti approached the police the following day to place a complaint. In her complaint she said, “My husband tied a wire to my hand and tried to give a shock while I was asleep. When I resisted it, he abused me and left home.” Ever since Prashanti gave birth to a girl her husband and his parents have been harassing her for additional dowry.  

Prashanti’s parents in the complaint wrote, “There are several injury marks on her face, neck and hands. Since the birth of the baby girl, Rajaratnam has been harassing her physically and mentally, demanding money.”

Prashanti has been married to Rajaratnam for the past four years. They have a son and a daughter together. The Penamaluru Police booked a case under Section 498A (domestic violence) and arrested Rajaratnam and his parents.


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