Secunderabad Cantonment Board Gives it Support for the New Secretariat

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The elected members of the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB,)  have decided to give their support to the Telangana Government’s decision to move the Secretariat to the Bison Polo Ground.

The SCB acts as a local self government and comes under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defense. As the area is heavily populated, elections are conducted every five years. The elections result in a board where half are civilians and the rest military nominations.

The elected member of the SCB are at present associated with the TRS party.

J. Ramakrishna, SCB Vice President stated to the media they supported the move on the basis that the area would be given more attention.

He said, “There will be better roads, water and power supply lines and the cantonment’s solid waste management issues will be solved. We would also earn through service charges provided to the Secretariat.”

Ramakrishna also added the 8 elected members will contact the colony associations under each of their jurisdiction. This will be done to start a campaign to support the new Secretariat at Bison Polo Grounds.

KCR has been making plans for a new Secretariat, Legislature and a cultural centre on Gymkhana and Bison Polo Grounds for the past few months.

The Chief Minister went to Delhi to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defense Minister Arun Jaitley. After which, he announced that the State Government would take over Bison Polo Grounds this month.

Activists are still not satisfied and are revolting against this on the basis that a sports ground will be lost and a new Secretariat is not necessary. Congress leaders in the city are also against KCR’s plans and have launched a campaign in the city against it.