10 Facts About Mukesh Ambani’s House ‘Antilia’

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The Chairman of Reliance Industries making him the richest man in India and owning an expensive richest house as well called ‘Antilia.’ Mukesh Ambani made his dream home by 2012 and has lived there ever since.

Antilia is the world’s second most expensive house after the Buckingham Palace. The luxury is stunning to see and the detail put into building the house is absolutely amazing. Here are the most intriguing facts about the Ambani’s house.


1. Antilia is a 4,00,000 square foot building at Altamount Road which is one of the most expensive streets in the world. The going rate for real estate on this street is around Rs. 80,000 per square foot.

2. Although, Antilia is a 27 storey high rise building, each floor is built under two storeys, making it around 60 floors high. The Ambani’s have six floor dedicated to just parking. The garage can host as many as 168 cars. It is also the first house in the world to pass the net price of one billion dollars.

3. Antilia is topped with three helipads on the roof. The top four floors are the Ambani’s living quarters with the parents and children’s bedrooms. Nita Ambani said it was because they ‘wanted the sunlight.’

4. A house that is this huge requires an elevator but the Ambani’s disagree. They believed it required nine elevators and so they did.

5. The Ambani’s house has place for everything even two floors dedicated to a recreational center. This rec center has everything from a yoga and dance studio to multiple swimming rooms and a Jacuzzi. It even has a gym and a health spa.

6. Antilia even houses a Barjatya style mandir (temple) and a private theatre that can seat 50 people. The Antilia obviously hosts a number of parties and for that the Ambani’s had a ballroom made for their house.


7. The Ambani’s thought of everything while building the house and remembered to add a snow room. A room that lets out man made snowflakes from the walls all through the year.

8. This massively huge house will definitely require upkeep and for that the Ambani’s have employed a team of 600 to maintain Antilia.

9. Antilia is named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. The interiors are designed to serve the purpose of saving energy. The hanging garden around the building absorbs sunlight keeping the insides cool.

10. The design of Antilia is made to survive an 8 Richter scale earthquake. The house was designed by architects from Chicago, Perkins and Will, and was built by Leighton Holdings, an Australian based construction company. Antilia took four long years to build.

And yet around so much luxury there still remains slums around this great structure.

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