A User Makes a Transaction of Rs 1.1 Crore On Snapdeal


Assume a hypothetical situation where in you’re allowed to purchase almost anything from a single e-commerce website for a day. How much do you think you can bill upto? Rs. 10 lakh? Rs. 30 lakh? Or at max Rs. 50 lakh. What if I tell you that a person has done a transaction of Rs 1.1 crore on an e-commerce website?

Well, you heard it right. India’s leading e-commerce website Snapdeal witnessed what could be termed as a mammoth transaction online till date with the bill amounting to Rs. 1.1 crore. But before you start assuming what all the person could have ended up buying, here’s the story. Tata Housing announced its partnership with Snapdeal to sell its premium luxury homes online, and hours later it announced a transaction of Rs. 1.1 crore.

“Since the launch of the real estate category, we have focused on forging alliances with some of the most trusted names in the industry to provide a range of housing options to customers,” Snapdeal Vice President for Fashion, FMCG and Real Estate, Amit Maheshwari said.

“We offer an effective and economical channel for Tata Housing to reach the target group across India,” Maheshwari said.

The company is looking for all possibilities to provide in-depth service like documentation service, site visit facility among others.