New Technology Lets You Charge Your Smartphones Over WiFi


The modern day technology has ensured that almost everything is available and accessible on the smartphone. But one thing always remains a matter of concern. The phone’s battery. The researcheers have put in a considerable amount of time to solve this problem thoroughly, yet fail to totally fulfil the user demand. If you’re one among those who have issues with the battery then wait, you’re in for a treat.

Researchers at University of Washington have affirmed that the future of mobile charging can be done over WiFi, which will ease the burden of carrying a mobile charger all the time with you.

The work has already started and the plan is to further enhance the current WiFi infrastructure and work all possibilities that makes it possible to charge phones and devices over the network.

With the level of potential this infrastructure exhibits, the researchers are now focusing on the marketing ways to further improve and enhance the technology, by streamlining the harvesters to improve their maximum range.