Bengaluru: The Second Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem In The World


India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru has again made India proud by being the only city in South-East Asia to be listed in the top 20 global startup index according to a survey carried out by Compass, a global provider of automated reporting and bench-marking tools for startups and tech companies.

Over the last few years, India has witnessed a paradigm shift amongst the graduates as India has now stepped into a period of entrepreneurial zest, and Bengaluru is at the forefront. This vibrant city is being recognized as the global information and communications technology destination.

The green city is ranked 15 in this year’s list jumping 4 places from 19 in a single year. Out of the 20 top cities featured in the index, sixteen of them belong to North America and Europe.

The rankings are judged based on different parameters that include performance, funding, talent, market reach, and startup experience.

Not just this, Bengaluru was one of the top 5 startups wherein there’s tremendous growth for venture funding by increasing at a pace of 4x. Other cities featured in this list include Berlin (12x), Boston (3.7x), Amsterdam (2x) and Seattle (2x).

The report further states that the city is home to 3,100 to 4,900 active startups. Bengaluru also had the credit of the youngest average founders’ age (28.5 years) of all the top 20 ecosystems.

Bengaluru is also ranked at the second place in the Global Startup Ecosystem growth index, after Berlin. India’s Silicon Valley had the highest startup density, with three times more startups per capita than Seattle or Bengaluru.