Government Orders To Block Websites Inciting Religious Intolerance


As the terror outfits now taking it to the social media for provoking and inciting youth from different parts of the world and hence growing religious intolerance, the government of India has now decided to block as many as 40 websites that is allegedly spreading hatred associated to the minority community.

“Government has issued order under Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 to block some…videos that could incite minority community,” an official source said.

The groups behind these websites are also aggressively promoting it on social media by posting on social networking and video sharing platforms. Government order to hitch online videos has been issued to all internet service providers of which most of it them are blocked. However, there are still some websites which cannot be blocked as they use a secured internet protocol to post their content.

“We cannot block all videos and websites because they are on https (secured) website. The DoT is well aware of the technical issues regarding this,” a top official at one of the Internet service providers said.

According to the sources, these websites are used to provoke youth from India to join ISIS and other terror organizations.