HTC Unveils Gold Variant One M9 With Photo Taken On An iPhone 6


Taiwanese phone maker HTC recently launched the 24-karat gold variant of its flagship device HTC One M9 smartphone in a bid to celebrate the UEFA Champions League Final. But while HTC was rejoicing with the launch of the gold variant, something really bad was in the offing.

HTC launched the image on its verified Twitter account and to everyone’s surprise, the photo was taken by an iPhone 6, which can be clearly seen in the image as a reflection on the gold body. No sooner it realized its mistake, it immediately removed the image from its account and uploaded another photo showcasing only the phone.
htc one m9 gold taken by iphone 6               htc iphone photo
The image has certainly started doing rounds around the tech circles and raising concerns over HTC’s camera capabilities and if Apple’s camera is better than that of HTC.

This is not the first time that a company of this stature has faced such embarrassment in terms of its marketing. There have been many incidents earlier that went utterly wrong. One of the most famous one was when Samsung signed tennis star David Ferrer as the face to promote Samsung Galaxy S4, and as it turns out to be, Ferrer used an iPhone to send a tweet praising Galaxy S4.