LG makes the world first Wallpaper TV

LG is now taking the television technology to another level. LG decided to show off one of the most impressive applications of OLED technology yet: a 55-inch, 0.097mm-thick TV panel that can mount magnetically on a wall and peel right off again, just like wallpaper.

The New LG TV can be rolled

The paper-thin prototype took the center stage and the viewers are never mesmerized more than this. According to the reports, prototype is the perfect encapsulation of what makes OLED (organic light-emitting diode) such an exciting technology. Since each pixel produces its own light, OLED TVs can function without the bulky back light elements that traditional LCD and LED TVs require to produce a picture.

As a result, manufacturers are able to print. Yeah I know , as ridiculous as it sound, they are printing paper-thin, bendable screens that nevertheless produce some of the best-looking images around. The perfect encapsulation of what makes OLED such an exciting technology. Can’t wait till it come on to the market.


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