New Extension Lets Anyone View Hidden Facebook Friends List

No matter how hard Facebook team tries to strengthen its privacy policy, tech savvy people certainly will find a way out to pierce into the framework. And now, a free Chrome extension enables you to see the entire friend list of anyone who shares at least one mutual friend with you.

The extension named ‘Facebook Friends Mapper’ is available in the Chrome Store, which after installed, reveals the entire friends list with just a single click on the ‘Reveal Friends’ button.

This feature poses a serious threat to Facebook users that violates Facebook’s privacy and security guidelines.

Facebook generally gives you the control over your privacy settings if you want to display or hide your friends list. But now, even if you hide it, the new provision will reveal friends list if they share mutual friends with you.

Well, even if you are willing to keep your friends list private, then Facebook’s present privacy setting would not help you to solve the issue. Thus, we expect a protection patch from Facebook Security group as quickly as it can before this tool goes viral.