Baahubali Poster Release: Ramya Krishna as Sivagami

Baahubali Poster Release: Ramya Krishna as Sivagami!!

A new trend! A new approach !! A new poster!!! That’s SS Rajamouli for you guys. His movies are huge and his publicity strategy is magnanimous. He definitely knows how to make it large! The only director in Tollywood to use the social media platforms to the very best.

He is now following a newly derived strategy with his upcoming flick. It’s been two years since the project ‘Baahubali’ started. Finally the shooting on the sets was done, but now, the post production works in the project were taking longer than expected resulting in the further postponement of the movie.

So, the movie sculptor Rajamouli came up with a new plan. Its Baahubali posters’ episodic release. It order to sustain the audience’s interest, he is now releasing the posters of all the cast one by one. So far he released 3 posters and all of them went viral as soon as they hit the internet. Now he is releasing the poster of the senior actress Ramya Krishna as Sivagami.

Get your eyeful of here:

Ramya Krishna as Sivagami