This Android App Comes in Rescue of Thirsty Birds in Hot Summer

Summer is the season when many birds die due to lack of sufficient water.  In a move to provide reprieve to thousands of thirsty birds, an Indian animal welfare organization in Surat have come up with a new mobile application that distributes earthen water bowls with just a single click.

The application named “The Bird Tap”, is an initiative by Prayas Team Environment Altruistic Trust as a team with NGO Accommodating Society International (HSI), India.

“Our organisation has been distributing thousands of earthen water bowls in summers for many years now. It’s the first time that we will get a systematic feedback from people who install and take care of the water pot.

“This application will not only help us manage the distribution of pots, but also enable Surat netizens to locate water bowls distributed in different parts of the city and refill them regularly,” Darshan Desai, president of Prayas Team, said.

This Android-based application will help them find th nearest Prayas center from where they can get the pot for free of cost.

Furthermore, the Managing Director of HIS India, Mr. N G Jayasimha, said: “We are aiming to have an app to feed animals all over the country and are looking forward for a successful pilot project here. We request Surat citizens to come forward and help the street animals.”