Windows 10: Five Things To Expect From The New OS


With the countdown to Microsoft’s much awaited mega launch event of Windows 10 scheduled to be held on July 29, the curiosity among the Netizens is growing at all verticals. The core Windows mobile users are anticipating so much so that they’re confident that this version of Windows OS will have all that ingredients to make it the most sought after OS, even more than Android.

Well, we understand the growing anticipation among the people, considering the shortcomings that the current version of OS has, it is obvious that the users expect more this time that is way more enhanced and user friendly.

To give you all a glimpse of what the all new Windows 10 could offer, we have summarized a list of all the highlights from the new OS.

From the new Start menu to personal assistant Cortana, Windows has left no stone unturned to ensure that their new offering is not just good, but awesome.

This video gives you an insight of all the features. Check it out. We will be back with more updates on the same.