2 IAF Fighter Jets Clash Amid Collision During Routine Excercise

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On the 28th of January, two Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter jets named, a Sukhoi Su-30 and a Mirage 2000, crashed during a training exercise.

The tragic crash resulted in the death of one pilot, confirmed the IAF sources.  While one aircraft crashed in Morena in Madhya Pradesh, the other is believed to have gone down 100 km away in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur. 

The Sukhoi had two pilots, while the Mirage had one pilot, confirmed defence sources said. Getting into the details, both the aircraft were used on the frontlines by the Indian Air Force. The two pilots on the Sukhoi managed to eject and were taken to the hospital in a helicopter.  However, the pilot in Mirage, died.

Videos from the scene, shot by locals in Morena, showed smouldering debris of the aircraft strewn on the ground and is being viral on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the IAF sources said, “IAF court of inquiry has been launched to establish whether there was a mid-air collision or not.  The Su-30 had two pilots while Mirage 2000 had one pilot during the crash.  Initial reports suggest two pilots are safe while an IAF chopper reaching the location of the third pilot soon.”

Meanwhile, the Defence Minister of India Mr. Rajnath Singh also was briefed about the incident.

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