Air India Pee Case: Airlines Fined Rs 30 Lakhs And Suspended Pilot’s License For 3 Months

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) imposed a fine of Rs. 30 lakhs on the Air India airlines in the recent flight pee gate issue.

According to sources, taking serious note of the recent pee incident issue in an Air India flight, travelling from New York to Delhi, the DCGA issued the notice.  It is to be noted, one business class passenger in New York to Delhi Air India flight is accused of peeing on a 70 year old senior citizen.  The accused, identified as Mr. Shankar Mishra was said to be under the influence of alcohol and peed on the woman, sitting on the aisle seat of the Air India flight.  Although the incident occurred on the 26th of November, the incident came to light approximately 1.5 months later, on the 4th of January.  The woman wrote to the Civil Aviation officials and informed them about the incident, demanding justice and strict action against the accused, Mr. Mishra.

After days of investigation and seeking reports from Air India, on the 20th of January, Friday, the DCGA said, “Financial penalty of Rs 30,00,000 has been imposed on Air India for violation of applicable DGCA Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR.)”  In addition, the DCGA also suspended the license of pilot on the flight AI-102 flight from New York to Delhi, for three months.  Furthermore, the DCGA also imposed a fine of Rs. 3 lakhs on Ms. Vasudha, the Director in flight services of Air India for failing to discharge her duties as per applicable DGCA CAR.

Meanwhile, the accused in the incident, Mr. Shankar Mishra has been banned on Air India flights for the next 4 months.  The incident also impacted his professional career, Wells Fargo, a multinational company issued a statement and sacked Mr. Shankar Mishra.

The issued statement read, “Wells Fargo holds employees to the highest standards of professional and personal behaviour and we find these allegations deeply disturbing.  This individual (Shankar Mishra) has been terminated from Wells Fargo. We are cooperating with law enforcement and ask that any additional inquiries be directed to them.”  Mr. Shankar Mishra served as the Vice President of Wells Fargo’s India unit.

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