Angry Mob Attacks Police Official Amid Illegal Dargah Construction Notice

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On the 16th of June, Friday, a mob comprising hundreds of people attacked a police station in Majievadi Chowk of the Junagadh district, Gujarat.  The violent incident occurred in the late night of Friday, after the municipality and police issued a notice to demolish an illegal dargah constriction in the locality.

Located near Uperkot Extension, Junagadh, the dargah was said to be an illegal construction, for which the Junagadh Municipal Corporation issued a notice.  In the notice the corporation said that the corporation would demolish the dargah in the next five days, from the 14th of June,

Angry over the notice, the mob vandalized public property and set fire to vehicles parked outside the police post.  The mob pelted stones at the police personnel present there, leaving several police officers including a Deputy Superintendent of Police (SP) and a woman official injured and one civilian dead.

The visuals of the incident emerged online wherein it is seen that the large mob hurls stones at the police while officers try to bring the situation under control by using tear gas shells.  An additional police force was deployed and a lathi charge was done to control the violent mob. 

In addition, the police have detained over 200 people and launched an investigation.

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