Congress Plenary: Resolution To End EVMs Passed at Party’s Session

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Congress Plenary: Resolution To End EVMs Passed at Party’s Session

The Congress moved a political resolution during the party’s two day plenary session. The Resolution asked for getting rid of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) replacing them with paper ballots.

The resolution said, “To ensure the credibility of the electoral process, the Election Commission should revert to the old practice of paper ballot as most major democracies have done.”

However, the Election Commissioner has constantly denied claims of any tampering in the EVMs. In 2017, to prove there was no flaw in the EVMs a printing machine was added to voting booths. The printer prints the party logo voted for by each person to confirm the vote.   

Even after this, the Congress approached the Supreme Court to request that 25% of the paper audit trails be counted separately in the Gujarat elections. But the Apex Court denied the request and said it needed to be taken up as a larger electoral reforms petition.

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