Delhi – Four People Killed In Fire

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Four people, including two women, were killed and one left injured in a fire, which broke out at a factory in Karol Bagh, Delhi, today.

The incident happened at a factory in Beadonpura, around 12:23 P.M. The Delhi Fire Service (DFS) officials said, while the employees were laundering clothes, the laundering solvent spilled on the floor and came in contact with a hot steam iron, resulting in the fire.

According to sources, the employees tried to escape when the fire broke out, but were unable to do so because a man got stuck at the exit door, thereby blocking the route. This led to the death of four victims. The deceased were identified as Bagan Prasahad, R.M. Naresh, Asha and Arti.

Two fire trucks immediately rushed to the spot and controlled the fire in half an hour. Ajeet, the injured victim, was admitted to a nearby hospital and is undergoing treatment.