First Indian Child To Have Liver Transplant Sanjay Kandaswamy Is Now Doctor

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Mr. Sanjay Shakthy Kandaswamy from Kanchipuram, who underwent a successful paediatric liver transplant in 1998, 22 years back is now a doctor.

Sanjay Shakthy Kandaswamy was the first Indian who has a successful paediatric liver transplant when he was 20 months old.  In 1998, Sanjay was operated for Biliary atresia, a rare liver condition that caused liver failure. 

Then in 1998,  Dr. MR Rajashekar, Dr. A. V. Soin, and Dr. Anupam Sibal performed the transplant at Apollo Hospitals in Delhi. Sanjay’s father donated 20% of his liver for the surgery, which went successful, saving Sanjay’s life, who now is a doctor.  He graduated from medical school in 2021 and wants to be a paediatrician because he loves children.  He took the Hippocratic oath on the 16th of November.

While expressing his happiness, Dr. Sanjay Kandaswamy said, “This has been my ambition since childhood. I’m alive today because of the efforts of my doctors.  I want to take up this noble profession to save lives.  Initially, I wanted to be a surgeon, but later I realised that my interest lies in paediatrics.  I am likely to specialise in paediatrics and focus on neonatology (newborns.)”

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