IAMC Express Concern Over Rising Threats Against Muslim Traders In Uttarakhand

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After a video of Muslim traders being threatened went viral, the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC,) has expressed deep concerns over the recent events unfolding in Uttarakhand.

According to sources, in Uttarakhand’s Purola town, threatening posters have appeared on shops owned by Muslim traders. These posters have demanded that Muslim traders leave the area, sparking fears and tensions within the local Muslim community.  The random posters and threats became evident after a recent incident, in which an attempt was made by two men Uber Khan and Jitender Saini, including a member of the minority community, to ‘abduct’ a minor girl.  After this incident which was referred to as a case of ‘Love Jihad,’ the Muslim community in the region is facing threats from the majority community.

A massive protest was also taken out demanding that Muslim traders shut shops and depart by the 15th of June.   The protestors also pulled down boards of shops identifying those with Muslim names in the region.  The IAMC’s concern came in response to the threats and protests.

As per the IAMC,  42 Muslim families have already fled from Purola amid fears of protests and assault from locals and communal fights.  Furthermore, nine landlords have issued eviction notices to Muslim tenants.  The IAMC also said , “The actions taken by the state government, coupled with the rise in anti Muslim rhetoric, instances of mob violence, arbitrary evictions, and demolitions, indicate a deliberate effort to divide local communities and potentially facilitate the corporate takeover of ecologically sensitive land.”

In addition, the IAMC also called upon the Governor of Uttarakhand, the Chief Minister, and the Dehradun Police to ensure the safety of the Muslim community and take swift action against the extremists responsible for these threats and acts of violence.
The IAMC said, “We call on the @DehradunPolice @pushkardhami @LtGenGurmit to ensure safety of Muslims and arrest Hindu extremists behind this dangerous campaign to ethnically cleanse Muslims from the State.

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