Pakistan lodges protest with India

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Foreign office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam Image Courtesy : PID

Islamabad: On Saturday, Pakistan lodged a protest against India over the killing of a civilian. An unarmed civilian was killed who had inadvertently crossed the border to the Indian side. According to Pakistan Rangers, Amanat Ali was killed by Indian troops when he arrived across the border while cutting the wheat in his field in Shakargarh. A protest has been launched with India over the incident, said Pakistan Foreign office.

Foreign Office Spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam tweeted, “First Secretary of Indian High Commission was summoned to ministry of foreign affairs to lodge protest over killing of an unarmed Pakistani inadvertent crosser.”

She also wrote, “Pakistan strongly condemns BSF’s violation of Border Ground Rules. Firing at an unarmed civilian demonstrated the intent to kill. India must respect lives of civilians and refrain from such provocations.”