Pants Prevents Periods

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A Ms. Deshpande, who stands high in a position as a Principal of a Polytechnic College, recently made a statement “When they (women) dress like men, they start thinking or behaving like them. There is a gender role reversal in their head. Due to this, the natural urge to reproduce diminishes right from a young age and therefore they suffer from problems like PCODs.” WOMEN WHO WEAR PANTS DO NOT WANT TO  REPRODUCE! Wow, what a concept.

What if, Hillary Clinton and Pratibha Patil meet for coffee, will the attire of Hillary Clinton influence Pratibha Patil not to reproduce or will it happen the other way round? It was never proven in any study that JEANS OR PANTS could change one’s GENES. What about the ladies who work in the corporate world? They dress up in formal pants, compete with men– but, this situation does not change any of the ladies to not give birth. There are ladies who are even single mothers but still dress up according to their comfort.

Female Educator blames dressing like men for PCOS, Female blames dressing like men, PCOS gets blamed for dressing like men, molestation, Polytechnic College dressing, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome disease , PCOD disease , Dressing like men causes PCOS, dressing like men causes PCOD, mango news, general news, national news, regional news

But, according to Mrs. Deshpande this pants phenomenon, is seen the whole world over, pants wearing women will not have the urge to reproduce. Let us ponder this ridiculous asinine statement, if pants wearing women do not reproduce, what about the corollary argument, do naked women proliferate with children? The former adult star, Sunny Leone, while engaged in the Oldest Profession, mostly was clothed only with a smile and nothing else– yet she does not have any children! The ladies in the armed forces are subject to very cruel and harsh reproduction binding uniforms, consisting of formal pants or pencil skirts paired with blazers. These brave women serving our Country by wearing PANTS, doom our very future by having a reduced libido!

Wearing pants changes women’s brain chemistry to not have children. What about the men? Do the minds of men change to those of women when the men wear lungis? What does the ignoramus Principal Deshpande say about that? I am sure we will all be eagerly waiting to hear more from this Bright Spark, of an educator.