Rapido Biker Booked For Sexual Harassment, Masturbates While On Ride With Woman

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In a horrific incident that occurred in Bengaluru, a Rapido bike rider was allegedly book for sexually harassing a woman rider.  

Getting into the details, a woman activist in Bengaluru booked a Rapido taxi bike after several auto cancellations.  In a statement to the police, the woman said, the rider came in a secluded area, and was on a different bike, not the one registered with the Rapido app and cited servicing to be the reason.  After confirming the same with the Rapido app, the woman started her journey.

However, midway the rider allegedly started masturbating and at a point, he used only one hand to ride the back.  Furthermore, the driver sent WhatsApp message to the woman with inappropriate texts, including “love you.”

The woman shared the details of the incident in a tweet and said, “During the journey, we reached a remote area with no other vehicles around. Shockingly, the driver began riding with one hand and engaging in inappropriate behavior (Masturbating while riding the bike). Fearing for my safety, I remained silent throughout the ordeal.”

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