Christopher Nolan Directorial Oppenheimer Enters Rs 50 Crore Box Office Collection Club In India

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Oppenheimer, which released in theatres on Friday, has been doing very well at the box office in India. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film’s weekend collection has taken earnings very close to 50 crore nett. Unlike worldwide box office numbers, Oppenheimer has been faring better than Barbie in India.

Oppenheimer, which follows physicist J Robert Oppenheimer’s work and life, is a biopic set during the Second World War. Robert Oppenheimer helped invent nuclear weapons during that time. He was known as the Father of the Atomic Bomb. The film is set during a period in history when he understood that testing the atomic bomb would destroy the world but that didn’t stop him from pushing the button.

Oppenheimer India box office collection

According to a report, Oppenheimer earned 17.25 crore nett in India on the third day of its release for all languages as per early estimates. The film minted 14.50 crore on day one of its release and 17.25 crore on the second day of its release. Currently, the total earnings of Oppenheimer stand at 49 crore. Oppenheimer released on the same day in theatres as Barbie in the biggest clash of Hollywood summer blockbusters.

According to an AFP report, Oppenheimer earned $80.5 million in revenue in North American box offices while Barbie raked in $155 million.

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