Salman Khan Verdict: Today’s Timeline

Salman Khan Verdict : The 12 year old Hit and Run case of Salman Khan was given judgement at last. Salman Khan was convicted for culpable homicide not amounting to murder. He has been sentenced for 5 years of Jail time.

Salan Khan Verdict

Here is how it went down:

08:00 am: Salman Khan hit-and-run case: Tight security blanket thrown around Mumbai sessions court.

08:37 am: Sohail Khan reaches Salman Khan’s residence.

08:39 am: Salman Khan father Salim Khan reaches Salman Khan’s residence.

08:56 am: Baba Siddique reaches Salman Khan’s residence.

09:00 am: Actor Shah Rukh Khan visits Salman Khan at his residence hours before the 2002 hit-and-run case verdict.

09:08am: Salman Khan’s sister Arpita reaches Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai.

09:18 am: We want relief, not punishment for Salman Khan,’ says victim.

09:20 am: Salman Khan’s sister Arpita takes to Twitter to thank all the well wishers for the prayers.

09:27 am: Salman Khan to leave shortly for the court.

09:48 am: Salman Khan leaves for court.

10:17am: Only lawyers and media allowed inside the court.

10:18 am: Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan reach sessions court ahead of verdict in 2002 hit-and-run case.

10:35 am: We have tried to bring the truth and placed all facts in front of the court: Pradeep Gharat, Public Prosecutor.

10:36 am: Salman Khan reaches Sessions Court.

10:41 am: Salman fans gather outside court house.

10:45 am: Prayers offered in Varanasi and Kanpur for Salman Khan.

10:49 am: Salman Khan enters Sessions Court.

10:53 am: Judge Deshpande will pronounce the judgement in 2002 hit-and-run-case.

10:54 am Heard loud noise, then heard people asking for help “bachao”, so I came running: Eye Witness John Francis Fernandes.

10:54 am: When I came close the scene I recognized Salman, didn’t see whether he was driving or not, he was standing out of car when I came: John Francis

10:55 am: I am praying that Salman gets free: John Francis Fernandes.

10:57 am: Mumbai: Tamil groups protest outside Sessions Court.

11:12 am: Salman Khan convicted in hit-and-run-case.

11:15 am: Judge to Salman Khan: You were driving the car.

11:22 am: Salman Khan may face a jail term of up to 10 years on charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

11:31 am: Salman Khan’s lawyer pleads with judge for maximum sentence of 2 years and a fine, keeping in mind Salman Khan’s humanitarian work.

11:33 am: Salman’s brother Sohail leaves court.

11:34 am: Judge to Salman: What do you have to say?. Salman remained silent. Read: Salman Khan guilty: What the Judge told him.

11:38 am: Salman Khan’s lawyer Shrikant Shivade cites Alistair Pereira and BMW hit-and-run Nanda case for reduced sentence.

11:40 am: Quantum of punishment tomorrow.

11:40 am: Salman, family stunned by the verdict.

11:41 am: Salman listens to verdict with tears in his eyes.

11:50 am: Salman Khan’s sisters Alvira Khan Agnihotri and Arpita Khan Sharma are in tears in the courtroom.

11:52 am: Heated verbal exchanges between the media and police inside the courtroom.

11:57am: I will pray for a lesser sentence. I have full sympathy with him: Hema Malini.

12:00 pm: Salman Khan was wiping his face as he was sweating profusely.

12:04 pm: Heated exchanges continue between media and police outside courtroom 52, judge intervenes, tells all to keep quiet.

12:05 pm: Media and police have now started physically assaulting each other outside courtroom 52.

12:06 pm: Police has now shut the doors of courtroom 52 after spat with media, a section of the media stranded outside the courtroom.

12:07 pm: Salman Khan taken into custody by Mumbai police.

12:10 pm: Salman Khan lawyer’s talks about ‘Being Human’ initiative and the fact that he sponsored heart surgeries of 600 children.

12:13 pm: Salman Khan standing still in the witness box in the courtroom, as his lawyer continues argument.

12:20 pm: Public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat begins his argument.

12:27 pm: Public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat asks judge to give maximum punishment of 10yrs to Salman Khan.

12:29 pm: Salman’s driver Ashok Singh may also face charges of perjury.

12:31 pm: Quantum of punishment will be announced at 1:10pm today.

12:35 pm: Sohail Khan reaches Salman Khan’s residence Galaxy Apartments.

12:40 pm: Salman Khan has heart trouble. Pain in the heart. Medical certificate produced in court.Salman Khan’s medical report.

12:46 pm: Sangeeta Bijlani reaches Salman Khan’s residence.

01:05 pm: Salman’s sisters speak to him in the courtroom.

01:14 pm: Preity Zinta and Sonakshi Sinha reach Galaxy apartments.

01:18 pm: People shouldn’t think Salman Khan is being given special treatment but humanitarian work shud be kept in mind: Babul Supriyo.

01:33 pm: Salman Khan had no expression on his face, no tears, head was tilted down when Judge Deshpande announced a 5-year jail term.

01:40 pm: Salman Khan shocked by sentence, sits down and breaks down into tears.

01:42 pm: Salman Khan will have to go to the HC for bail now: Majeed Memon.

01:43 pm: Salman Khan to be taken to Arthur Jail in Pune.

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