Tata motors overtakes Maruti Suzuki in share value

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Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Indian Share Market, SENSEX

Delhi: Tata motors emerged as a pioneer in the Indian automobile industry. Tata motors occupied the top chair leaving Maruti Suzuki behind in share value. 

Total market value of Tata motors crossed Rs. 2,85,515.64 crores and Tata Motors Limited DVR valued at Rs. 29,119.42 crores. In total the market value of Tata Motors Limited touched the mark of RS.3,14,635.06 crores.

Maruti Suzuki stood at second position in market value with a total value of Rs.3,13,058.50 crores. Tata motors share registered a growth of 2.19% on Tuesday and stabilized at Rs.859.25. Tata Motors Limited DVR share registered 1.63% growth and crossed the mark of Rs. 572.65 by the day end. Market analysts predicted that the share value of Tata Motors is likely to increase further. 

Meanwhile, Maruti Suzuki shares registered a loss of 0.36%. 




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