We’ve Waited 70 Years For You: Netanyahu To Modi

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In what can be called the warmest welcome, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi upon his arrival, “We’ve Waited 70 Years For You.”

India and Israel have shared 25 years of diplomatic relations. The Israelis have also been a great support to India in police training and other fields. However, none of the prime ministers prior to Narendra Modi visited Israel.

Netanyahu was personally present at the airport to give Modi a red carpet reception. This is the second such invitation given ever by the Israel authorities. The first was when the Pope was present at the airport to welcome the Unites States President. According to Israeli Media, Netanyahu said, “We have waited 70 years for you. Aapka Swagat Hai Mere Dost.” For this Modi, in Hebrew said, “Shalom, I’m happy to be here.”

The Indian Prime Minister is on a three day visit to Israel. He will be accompanied by the PM Netanyahu all three days. It has also been reported the Israeli PM showered praises on the Make in India concept and also the Indian culture. In honor of Mr. Modi and marking the PM’s first visit after Israel was formed in 1948, the nation named their fastest growing flower, Israeli Chrysanthemum as MODI.

Netanyahu also termed Modi’s visit as ‘path-breaking engagement’ for the two countries. He added, “We love India. We admire your culture, history, democracy and commitment to progress. I am confident of the real mathematics of life, of the success of our partnership for many reasons, the talent of our people.”

Modi, in response, honored the 41st anniversary of the Entebbe raid that helped save 94 Israeli hostages held in Uganda. This was the operation which claimed the life of Netanyahu’s elder brother. Modi speaking about this said, “Your heroes are an inspiration for the younger generations.”

The PM has a complete itinerary planned for the three day stay in Israel, wherein the Netanyahu will be accompanying him.


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