Young Hyderabadi teen died in a street wrestling clash

Street wrestling claims life of Hyderabadi teen

Hyderabad : A Street wrestling match claims the life of a 17-year-old Hyderabadi teen. The incident occurred on 3rd May where a wrestling kind of fight was organised by local boys in Hyderabad, nearly 10 boys were present at the incident.

The fight was organised in a WWE style of action in which two people face-off each other in an open space. A video tape was recorded which shows the boy falling down to the ground after sustaining big blow of punches from his opponent.

The boy’s father who works in Dubai, rushed to Hyderabad upon knowing the news of his son’s sudden demise. Knowing the foul play about his son’s death, the boy’s father lodged a complaint. Following the complaint, upon interrogation, the Police figured out a Video tape which shows falling down of the boy after a series of punch knocks from his opponent.

Police finally found out that the boys who took the deceased to the hospital and informed his family that he died in a road accident and the family accepted their story. Parents shocked after watching the video where his son was beaten to death and was spot dead.