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SC To Hear Plea Against Ban On Cattle Sale For Slaughter

The Supreme Court is all set to hear arguments against the ban of cattle sale for slaughter, today. This plea challenges the central government's...

Pakistan Becomes Victim to Triple Bomb Blast

PESHAWAR: On Tuesday afternoon, suicide bombers attacked the court complex in Peshawar, Pakistan killing at least 4 people and injuring 14. The attack happened...

Painting the Patriarchy Pink

He and She. Mars and Venus. Blue and Pink. Nature has molded us into different forms but it was society that chose to put...

Man slits wife’s throat in Hyderabad Rajendranagar court premises

Hyderabad: In a horrific incident, a man slit his wife’s throat with in the court premises in Hyderabad yesterday. The blood shed incident occurred...

5 interesting reasons on ‘Why Indian men seek divorce?’

Why Indian men seek divorce?: India is one of the few countries in the world where the divorce rate is very low. The chances...

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