GHMC Mayor G. Vijayalakshmi’s joins Congress ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

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Hyderabad: In a startling turn of events, Hyderabad’s political landscape witnessed a seismic shift as GHMC Mayor G. Vijayalakshmi made a decisive move by joining the Congress party. The announcement came amidst the fervor of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, sending shockwaves through the political corridors.

The momentous occasion unfolded in the presence of Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and Deepadas Munshi, the State Affairs In-charge of the Congress Party. With an air of ceremony, the Chief Minister extended a warm invitation to Vijayalakshmi, symbolized by the traditional gesture of draping her with a scarf.

Vijayalakshmi’s decision to align herself with the Congress party is poised to realign political equations in Hyderabad, adding a significant dimension to the electoral dynamics. Her move is seen as a strategic maneuver that could potentially impact the electoral fortunes of various parties in the region.

 Rajya Sabha member K. Kesha Rao, along with BRS Station Ghanpur MLA Kadiam Srihari and his daughter Kavya, are reportedly set to follow in Vijayalakshmi’s footsteps in the near future.

This development underscores the growing momentum behind the Congress party as it gears up for the upcoming electoral battle.