Hyderabad To Witness Scorching Heat In Coming Days, Alert Issued

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After days of rainfall, Telangana’s Capital City is said to witness a rise in mercury levels.  Hyderabad would witness over 40 degree Celsius temperature, bringing scorching heat for its citizens, said the Hyderabad Weather Department.  In addition, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) also issued a Yellow Alert for heatwaves in Telangana.

In the coming days and June, the Capital City regions would be a land of heat and humidity, bringing health hazards and heat related health issues for the residents.  As per the weather department, the threat of heat strokes, skin allergies, and water borne ailments would also be a major concern. 

During peak summer, people are advised to avoid venturing out in the hot afternoons and also stay hydrated to avoid dehydration.  In addition, special attention has been given to senior citizens, asking them to take pepper health caution, to avoid muscle cramps, heat exhaustion and life threatening emergencies such as a heat stroke.   People with pre existing medical conditions like chronic heart and kidney ailments should ensure that they are not exposed to extreme heat during peak summer. 

Furthermore, doctors also said that core body temperatures of senior citizens, diabetics, and kidney and heart patients rise considerably when exposed to hot sun for a long time, therefore should be careful.

Notably, in the past few days, during extreme summers, the Telugu State of Telangana reported a few cases of heat strokes, leading to deaths of many people of different age groups, including youngsters.

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