Online Betting And Gaming Gang Busted In Hyderabad

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The Cyberabad police busted an international gang for allegedly collecting huge payment fees through online gaming and betting.

On the 30th of January, Monday, the police arrested Mohin Pasha, a resident of Bengaluru, Karan Arora of Rudrapur Uttarakhand, Sanjeev Kumar of Uttarakhand, Karan Malhotra of New Delhi, Gokul Singh Koranga of Uttarakhand, Sonu Lokesh of Delhi and Mohit Kumar of Delhi and Dinesh Singh of Noida.  The arrested people allegedly were running a website and collecting huge money over betting and gaming, confirmed the police.

Besides the arrest, the Cyberabad police raided their house and seized cash worth Rs. 24 crores in various banks, 193 mobile phones, 21 laptops, 21 Sale Device, 416 cheque books and 233 debit cards. The arrested fraudsters were recruited to interact with the users and would collect the details from victims for registration of new user ID’s for the game and betting. The fraudsters then collected screenshots of the transactions made by users and after verifying with bank account, they would provide online gaming and betting services which are banned in Telangana.

Mr. Stephen Raveendra, the Cyberabad Commissioner of Police said, “The gang has procured fraudulently opened bank accounts of various innocent persons and have taken pre activated SIM cards through fraudulent means. Stringent legal action is being initiated against all persons and organisations who are abusing the system and adopting practices which aid such criminals in the commission of crime.” 

Concerned with such incidents and cyber frauds, the Cyberabad Police urged people to be cautious and not fall for such schemes and pay money online without verifying.

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