Telangana Government Approves Six Lane Bridge Construction At Hussain Sagar

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On the 8th of April, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Government approved the construction of a six lane bridge at Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad.

The construction of the bridge worth Rs. 25 crores would permanently solve the traffic issues. The bridge starting from opposite the Marriott Hotel will be constructed under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) with an additional amount of Rs.41 crores. The TRS Government also allocated the amount for the installation of Hussain Sagar gates and bridges from Raniganj to Buddha Bhavan. Engineers from the civic body along with other experts conducted a detailed study and submitted the report to the Government on the reconstruction of Hussain Sagar surplus weir and a bridge with gated mechanism.

The major reason behind the construction of 8 gates and 6 lanes at Hussain Sagar is to discharge water downstream based on inflows into the lake from upstream. In the absence of gates, during heavy rains, the water inundates low lying areas in Khairatabad, Begumpet, Somajiguda and other places after reaching Full Tank Level (FTL) capacity.

At present, Hussain Sagar only has 21 vents and water flows downstream from these vents automatically after reaching the FTL capacity of 513.41 mts.

Meanwhile, in order to develop water storage reservoirs, nalla expansion and other bridges work, the Department of the Municipal Administration in 2020-21 short term plans approved Rs. 858 crores for the works of bridges, expansion of Nallas and preservation of water bodies and lakes. Of the total amount, Rs. 25 crores would be for the construction of the bridge. Besides the construction of the bridge, the short term development plans are divided into 25 packages which come under six zones of the GHMC.

Some of the other projects include Bandlaguda Cheru to Nagole Cheru Surplus Channel and Nalla construction worth Rs. 30 crores, Saroornagar Lake to Chaitanyapur works worth Rs. 56.34 crores and Balkapur Nalla worth Rs. 12 crores.

A separate approval was given for Afzalsagar Nalla construction.

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