Telangana’s Ibrahimpur first cashless village in south- Telangana Government

The Demonetisation move has laid stepping stones to India becoming a digital economy. People of all economis strata have started adopting digital payments. Many villages have started going cashless. The latest to join this league is Ibrahimpur village of Siddipet Assembly constituency in Telangana state. The Telangana State Government has released a statement that Ibrahimpur is the first hamlet in South India to go cashless.

State irrigation minister T Harish Rao adopted the Ibrahimpur village and is now the first cashless village in Telangana state and also South India

The Ibrahimpur village was adopted by State irrigation minister T. Harish Rao. In a press release made by the Government, it said the village with 1,200 residents has completely gone cashless. The process of opening bank accounts to all the individuals in the village, distribution of debit cards and introduction of swiping POS machines has successfully finished. Mr.Harish Rao, who represents Siddipet constituency in the State Legislative Assembly, said that the cashless transactions in the village would be ideal and beneficial for everyone.

The Government recently made a statement about making Siddipet the first constituency to go cashless. Thanneru Harish Rao, who vowed to make Siddipet cashless, had announced a reward of 10 lakh rupees to any village which becomes the first to go cashless in Siddipet constituency. After the confirmation of going cashless, the officials said that they will soon award this prize money to Ibrahimpur.

Mr. Harish Rao, while speaking at the event, said that this village is not only a role model for the entire state in adopting cashless transactions but it also has the credit of having 100 percent water harvesting pits and Washrooms in every home, making it free of open defecation. He urged the people of the state to go cashless and help in the reduction of black money and corruption by adopting the digital economy.