TPCC President Revanth Reddy Starts Two Day Deeksha For SC, ST And Dalits In Telangana Village

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In the wake of the upcoming Huzurabad Assembly by election, all the political parties in Telangana are paying special attention to the Scheduled Castes (SCs,) Dalits and the Scheduled Tribes (STs.) More than 50 % of the voters in the Huzurabad Assembly constituency belong to SC, ST and Dalit communities.

In regard to this, the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) also planned a yatra. The TPCC President Mr. A. Revanth Reddy launched a Deeksha for the cause of Dalits and tribals in the Muduchintalapally region of Medchal district. The TPCC President started the two day Deeksha from today, the 24th of August, after conducting a special puja at the Katta Maisamma Temple.

The two day Deeksha has been organised to commune with the Dalit communities closely, recognize their problems and other issues. In addition, during the two day Deeksha, Mr. Revanth Reddy would stay at a Dalit Basti in the Muduchintalapally region and would create awareness about the plans of the TPCC for Dalits’ growth and development.

Under the leadership of Mr. A. Revanth Reddy, the TPCC launched ‘Dalit Girijana Dandora’ public meeting. With the expected participation of 1 lakh people, the ‘Dalit Girijan Dandora’ is one of a kind public meeting to raise voices against the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Government, demanding welfare schemes to the Scheduled Castes (SCs,) the Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Tribals in Telangana.

After the announcement of the Dalit Bandhu Scheme, the opposition TPCC demanded the Government of Telangana to launch similar schemes for the SCs, the STs and the Tribals. Mr. Revanth Reddy and the TPCC demanded more reservation for the aforementioned class of people, schemes providing financial assistance, distribution of three acres lands and appointment of an individual of the Dalit Community to be the Chief Minister.

The massive movement for the benefit of the ST, SC and Dalits was started with a grand public meeting on the 9th of August. It is going to continue till the 17th of September, to oppose anti Dalit programme by the ruling Telangana Government. In addition, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the former National President of the Indian National Congress, is expected to join the movement and visit Telangana in September.

It is to be noted, the two days Deeksha of Mr. Revanth Reddy is a part of the massive 40 days ‘Dalit Girijana Dandora’ movement. The two days Deeksha of Mr. Revanth Reddy is set to end on the 25th of August, at 5:00 P.M.

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